A Greg High

By Glenn Stenson

another seattle wrist slitting day cloud coming down for 66 and 44 more until greg comes here in may can't get enough of your music Mr. Brown love your lyrics, your music, your incredible sound impossible to appreciate it in the background words about real life how bad it can be and how nice argue about who is the bigger fan me or my wife kids want to go to kansas now you know just to listen to that late night radio about twice a year, it's clear here gaze at the stars near the equator of Heaven think about my grandparents, wish i was still eleven you might wonder what goes on this fella's head still got that loaf of bread the bottle of wine went and the $50,000 is all spent maybe i hung around a little too long in my hippie tent don't turn on the tv or radio news push in my cd and listen to you then i can fly away if i want to i get the good blues just listening to "think about you" all the money's going, going, gone gotta listen to another song i never would have thunk it be online in a Greg Brown junket this bozo's in love again playing non-stop "Further In". had lotsa kind of money 'til christmas came around i just want to be in the dark with you in our little town sitting outside smoking my cigs i do this and that and this for my kids dream on, little dreamers ok, just one more good night kiss i guess the wild geese go with that little man in a boat or followed john muir in his overcoat sometimes feel my whole life is one wrong turn i don't know who i think i'm foolin' oh man what am i trying to say it's kind of like "have a nice day" i don't want to hear "happy holiday" alright already, I admit i'm a happy,happy, happy addict. yes, you're right, I am sick a hopeless Gregoholic. like that fish in the mucked up lovely river, I am hooked. uou can read about it my new book. i'm on a greg high aren't i? i don't know that guy thank you and goodbye