Obtaining Greg Brown's Recordings

Greg's albums are available at many record stores throughout the world. In addition, they may be ordered directly from Red House Records. Red House will ship anywhere in the world.

One album, Over and Under, is available from Trailer Records.

Available Recordings

The following are available:

Red House Records

 ID          Artist            Title                    Format(s)
 RHR 148     Greg Brown        Covenant                 CD    
 RHR 128     Greg Brown        One Night                CD      
 HAR 01      Greg Brown        Solid Heart              CD    
 RHR 98      Greg Brown        Slant Six Mind           CD      
 RHR 88      Greg Brown        Further In               CD  Tape
 RHR 78      Greg Brown        The Live One             CD  Tape
 RHR 68      Greg Brown        The Poet Game            CD  Tape
 RHR 47      Greg Brown        Dream Cafe               CD  Tape
 RHR 42      Greg Brown        Bath Tub Blues           CD  Tape
 RHR 35      Greg Brown        Down in There            CD  Tape
 RHR 28      Greg Brown        One Big Town             CD  Tape
 RHR 23      Greg Brown        One More Goodnight Kiss  CD  Tape
 RHR 14      Greg Brown        Songs of Innocence...    CD  Tape
 RHR 08      Greg Brown        In the Dark with You     CD  Tape
 RHR 02      Greg Brown        44 & 66                  CD  Tape
 RHR 01      Greg Brown        The Iowa Waltz           CD  Tape

Trailer Records

 ID          Artist            Title                    Format(s)
 Trailer 20  Greg Brown        Over and Under           CD    

Ordering from Red House Records

The easiest way to order from Red House Records is to call 800-695-4687 or 651-644-4161 (fax 651-379-0945) or use the order form at Red House's web site.

Ordering from Trailer Records

Over and Under may be ordered via the Trailer Records web site.

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