Lyrics for One Big Town

Copyright © 1989 Brown/Feldman Publishing
  1. "The Way They Get Themselves Up"
  2. "The Monkey"
  3. "One Cool Remove"
  4. "Back Home Again"
  5. "Just Live"
  6. "One Big Town"
  7. "Lotsa Kindsa Money"
  8. "Things Go On"
  9. "America Will Eat You"
  10. "Tell Me It's Gonna Be Alright"

"The Way They Get Themselves Up"

The way they get themselves up The way they wash and spray Put on the right kind of clothes And go and do another day The way they sell sell sell The way they buy buy buy The way they go pell mell The way they die die die The way they change their life The way they change their hair The way they watch tv Like it was really there The way they jam it up The way they jam it in The way they ham it up The way they play to win It will all fall down On a regular day It will all dry up It will all blow away

"The Monkey"

The room was dark and short of breath And smelled like some poor junkie's death All had been dreamed All had been tried The monkey's long arms opened wide And now at last we all get to make love to the monkey A glow beneath A bang above A whimper at the end of love No one has slept and sweetly dreamed Not since the monkey bucked and screamed The monkey's breath is sweet and strong The monkey's tongue is wet and long He neither speaks nor understands He's got the whole world in his hands--

"One Cool Remove"

One cool remove--put me, put me One cool remove--put me there And forever let me stay One cool remove away One cool remove--from the things that hurt me One cool remove--from the sea and the city I see it all as a passion play One cool remove away One cool remove from the white sun Rising like a cloud upon the land One cool remove from the red moon Falling like a hand One cool remove-like a Buddhist bleating One cool remove--since all is fleeting I never come nor go nor stay One cool remove away--

"Back Home Again"

Sunrise in Seattle--a whiter shade of pale-- Caught a flight to Salt Lake City and--guess what--it was late Bumped into Denver in the afternoon and into C.R. by ten Hoping you would meet me at the gate-- Mmmhmm--son of the restless wind I'm back home again-- Airport rent-a-car motel nightclubs restaurant motel Rent-a-car back to the airport Have a nice day I hope I'll be done traveling before it's time to go again I never unpack my suitcase all the way-- When it all is said and done some more is said and done They tell you you got to keep reaching but they never say what for Do we ever really live the life we want to live I put the keys in my pocket, grab my stuff, and walk up to our front door-- Mmmhmm--honey, are you still my friend I'm back home again--

"Just Live"

Ya stare at the sun Ya run run run When you're done Throw down the gun And just live Love has had it up to here Nothing is clear Wash your eyes with tears Be of good cheer just live --Just live until you die That's all--just live When your tired of cars Tired of bars Tired of stars Tired of wars Just live Money and power don't make the Dawn Something else is going on Just live The faster it all goes The slower I want to Make love to you When you're worn down like this town And no friend can be found I'll be around-- Just live Ya can walk with me talk with me squawk with me and rock with me Just live--

"One Big Town"

Outside money burnt my hometown Like a moth in a flame All you got to do is travel around And you'll see that everywhere it's the same One big town We're living in one big town One big town We're dying in one big town World around We hear the same song, see the same show Under the shadow of the end-- Fear for our children wherever they may go As we watch the red, red blood flow again And it growns unknown like a cancer All across the fruited plain Spin the wheel for an answer You never know what's in the wind and rain

"Lotsa Kindsa Money"

I got a lotsa kindsa money in my billfold Honey, I've been traveling so long I got lotsa kindsa money in my billfold And I got it all for a song Who say who say this wouldn't pay? I got a lotsa kindsa money in my billfold Green pink yellow and brown I'm gonna have to get a wagon just to haul it Back to my hometown I'm gonna be a good little consumer Gonna buy you silk and lace Honey, you can go and tell that roomer He'll have to find another place I got a lotsa kindsa money in my jeans, babe A pretty little pile of it I don't even know what it means, babe I give them some They give me some Then I split I got a new pair of boots, and bootlaces You oughta see my new shoes--they're great I got far more pairs in my suitcases You can't buy shoes like these in the States

"Things Go On"

The traveler meets many people And they are kind to him For they know he will soon be gone Unlike family and friends Things go on We do too One day it's me Next day it's you One song leads to another One kiss leads to more kisses One angry word leads to World War III Can you tell me why this is? Everything we know is leaving Like a train or a plane or a bus The old old people are dying And the new old people are just like us

"America Will Eat You"

There's only so many times you can eat that rubber food 'Till You're gonna say, Well, I'm eating it. I guess it must be good There's only so many times you can sit and watch tv-- Stay detached and think it's stupid and that you're somehow free America will eat you America will eat you up. There's only so many times you can be treated like dirt at the airport or the bank 'Til you're gonna say, Yeah, you're right I'm a bum I'm a dog I'm a roach Thank you Thank you Thanks Only so many times you can see some slick jerk rave about God 'Til you're gonna give it up and go to sleep and slip into a pod-- We're tempting little morsels on the corporation's fork If we show up with the right bits and bytes, they'll fatten us like pork And America will stretch her maw and show us her white teeth It's only when it's much too late we see the cancer underneath Everything has a number We all must drink our cup All I ask is to know when my number's up Looking at these corpses talk and laugh it up on tv All I want is to never have to ask, Lord, which corpse is me?

"Tell Me It's Gonna Be Alright"

Tell me no more snow will fall Tell me all about the warm sunlight Tell me you'll hear me when I call Tell me it's gonna be alright Tell me you'll walk by the sea On a warm summer's night Tell me you still love me Tell me it's gonna be alright Tell me I'll taste your skin Tell me the world won't end Tell me we'll walk in the light Tell me it's gonna be alright Weary of looking around I find myself looking down In this world so wild I feel like a frightened child Transcribed by