Greg Brown -- July 24-26, 1998

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Hillsdale, New York

Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 07:45:37
From: "Greg Lyons" <>
Subject: Falcon Ridge

Hi Folks,

I'm back from a wonderful weekend at Falcon Ridge and am posting this list of Greg songs played, and will add more later. Greg was in fine spirits this weekend and had a spiffy new pair of over-alls on all weekend. He wore a blue-jean fishing hat on Friday and Saturday, and had his "Iowa" ball cap on Sunday. He had his silly red glasses on at all of the workshop stages, but _not_ on the main stage on Saturday night. On with the songs;

Friday July 24, 1998  Song-swap on the main stage with John Gorka, etc.
	Think About You
	Pound It On Down
	If I Had Known

Saturday July 25, 1998  -  Workshop Stage
	My Famous Friends 

Saturday July 25, 1998  -  Main Stage
	Mose Allison
	Good Morning Coffee
	Happy Birthday Karen
	Loneliness House
	Summertime [Gershwin song, Greg and Karen traded verses]
	Just by Myself
	Two Little Feet
	Spring & All
	Talking in Tongues (not a type-o, this is the way he sang it)
E.	Jesus & Elvis

Sunday July 26, 1998  -  Workshop Stage
	Come All Ye Fair & Tender Ladies
	Foggy, Foggy Dew
	Lord, I've Made You a Place in My Heart
	Fishin' with Bill

Rad played with Greg on all songs, and played accordian on several. Karen Savoca, and Pete Heitzman joined Rad and Greg for the entire show on the main stage on Saturday night. The best crowd pleasing moment that I remember was on Saturday night when Greg sang Happy Birthday to Karen S., and included the line;

"...well, some half-asses poet once said that the music makes a good bridge, and I say, Karen you picked a pretty nice place to have your 23rd birthday, right here at Falcon Ridge"