Greg Brown -- May 23, 1997

Carlsbad Community Cultural Arts Center, Calsbad, California


Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 19:02:45 -0700
From: Vicki Conway <>
Subject: Friday concert in Carlsbad

Greg wore black and some big funky boots, his hat rode the you think boss stole the look? The crowd was big for Southern Cal, about 250 crammed in a theater with no atmosphere to speak of..just staring at Greg's lonely boot a thumpin.

On Greg driving down from LA, "I've never seen so many KFC's in my life." (As if San Diegans relate to what's in LA. Hey man, we're completely different.)

That's ok cause you start out with TWO LITTLE FEET, and I can't sit still and I've forgotten you're up there all alone. I'm hummin sing along style til my head hurts on SPEAKING IN TONGUES. I never knew the words on NOT HIGH were sailawaylikealittlemanontheboat

"Some Dusty Woods..." sunk us in our seats, POET GAME rising up and FISHING WITH BILL holding our sides. "I say old chap, I can't believe that the fuzz ball and I would even be an issue," says the snooty British trout.

Greg stays for two encores. He's lookin cuter by the minute, but "I've done about all that a kid can do in a day and I might as well go to bed." My husband and newbie friends, who've been making fun of me for years, now think I'm the coolest thing in town. My only regret...I chickened out at the last minute on telling THE MAN just how much he adds to my life. Well maybe next time.