Greg Brown -- April 12, 1997

Peterborough Town House, Peterborough, New Hampshire

Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 12:38:10 MDT
From: Graham Knight <>
Subject: Greg in Peterborough NH 4/12

I had the great pleasure of seeing Greg play last Saturday night in Peterborough.

Greg is 'de man. :-)

I didn't write down a complete setlist. But i thought i'd note some highlights.

"If I had Known" was done very melodically. Much different from previous times i'd heard him play it when he just went fast and hard. It was very nice.

Same held true for "Dream Cafe" This was a beautiful, melodic version. A *very* nice suprise - last time i heard him play it he just flew through it like it was a throw-away song. He really put some soul into this version :-)

I was the only one in the crowd that made a request during the show - very strange crowd. When i said "Speed Trap Boogie" everyone turned and looked at me with a "what are you doing" expression on their faces. I'm not sure if this is an east coast phenomenon or what. Anyhow, Greg played a tremedously entertaining version of Speed Trap Boogie including a hilarious police radio imitation :-) "Speaking in Tounges" is a very good song. When Greg started singing it he sang so sharply and so loud that the poor girl in front of me jumped about a foot out of her chair!

The crowd asked Greg back for one encore - which was "Jesus and Elvis" and when he left the stage a second time they all just stood up to go home!!!! Man! Greg is easily a two encore kinda' guy - and i don't think three is too unusual - is it?? I couldn't beleieve it. Oh well, us folks in Colorado would have been clamoring for more - and these folks were on their way home. Must be an esat coast phenomenon ;-) (this is not meant to be disrespectful to my east coast friends.)

Opening for Greg were the Kennedys. My dear friend calls the the "Flying Kennedys" i think that title fits them well. Although i really did enjoy their set i must admit that the first thing that popped into my mind when they were finished was that there are a couple of great prospects for "divorce albums" in that couple ;-)

Wish i'd written down the entire Greg setlist. I think i saw somebody doing it - are you on the list??