Greg Brown - October 6, 2001

Colorblind James Benefit, 12 Corners Coffeehouse, Rochester, New York

[Karen Savoca, Pete Heitzman, Greg Brown]


From: Greg Lyons
Date: Monday, October 08, 2001 12:46:58 PM
Subject: [GBrown-L] Colorblind James Benefit 10/6

Oh my what a fun Saturday evening we did have! Mr. Brown arrived around 7pm with the usual tattered green cap and a pink sweater. He confirmed to us that he had indeed been in upstate NY for the last 10 days recording his new unit (nobody's used that term around here in a while) and hangin' out at the Savoca/Heitzman ranch! I'm bettin' some fun was had over there in the Syracuse area! Okay, back to the show. We were a little late getting the sound system set up (half of the crew didn't show:-( but everyone was patient and we did the sound check around 7:30pm. Things went quite well and Greg did a couple of new ones right away. I think the titles are something like "The Big Thing" and "Blue Blue Window", more on the second one later! The doors finally opened not too long before 8 and I apologize to anyone who we kept waiting who is reading this. We had quite a few reservations but really didn't know how well the show would sell on such short notice. Slowly but surely we sold out and that's great for the Colorblind Benefit! Jim "Chuck" Cuminele was a true leader of our local music scene and he'll be missed. I was glad to see his wife at the show as well as several musicians that Chuck has played with in past years.

Karen Savoca and Pete Heitzman opened the show and played several of their originals much to the crowds appreciation. We didn't even bother taking their stuff down as they were GBs' backing band! With a short introduction Greg sauntered on stage now with glasses and the standard white sleeveless t-shirt. He grabbed a music stand on his way to the stage and proceeded to set up a bunch of notes on the stand. In the past, this usually means new material ahead, and it sure did this evening. He also seems to have yet another new guitar but I'm sorry that I didn't catch the name on it. Here's the set list with a few comments:

Song List

  1. Further In
  2. A Little Excited (new)
  3. Lullaby
  4. Billy From The Hills
  5. A Little You
  6. Blue Blue Window (new - this is the one that he did at the sound check. It also has the phrase "smell of coffee, crack of dawn" repeated in every chorus which Karen enjoyed singing along on!)
  7. Just By Myself (in the middle of this song Greg added some local flavor to this song and did a couple of Colorblind James lines in this song. Since much of the audience was quite familiar with Colorbind material this got a great reaction!!!
  8. Takes A Lot To Laugh, Takes A Train To Cry
  9. Let Me Be Your Gigalo (new)
  10. Verona Road (new, and a pretty nifty tune if I ya want my opinion)
  11. Why Were You Ashamed Of Our Love (this song blew me away when I first heard it in September of last year, and this time was even better. Greg really brought a hush over the crowd for this one!
  12. If I Had Known
  13. China
  14. Come On Up In My Kitchen

    encore #1:

  15. Shady Grove

    encore #2:

  16. Wash My Eyes (then Greg begins to take his guitar off and then changes his mind!)
  17. Canned Goods
Greg then went out to sign a bunch of stuff for his local fans and from what I understand, then went back to the motel to get ready for an very early morning flight back to Iowa! Well that's about it for now.


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